We engage the local community to assist in reporting abandoned shopping trolleys. $5000 in prizes every month, keeping the streets tidy.

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Trolley Tracker™ is proud to be partnered with some of Australia’s largest supermarkets and retailers. To see which brands you can report for,


Trolley Tracker™ helps save Councils’ time & money, so we have a NEW page exclusively for Councils to report shopping trolleys.

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You could be the winner of the monthly $1000 prize like Hope Gladwill of Victoria.
Just report lost trolleys for more chances to win!

Benefits of Trolley Tracker™

For Residents and Communities
  • Fewer trolleys on streets
  • Improvement in public safety
  • Improved response to reports of wayward trolleys
  • Fewer trolleys dumped in bush and creeks spoiling the environment
  • Opportunity to enter draw for one of five $1,000 rewards every month

Benefits of Trolley Tracker™

For Retailers
  • Faster return of trolleys – trolleys in the bay ready for customers
  • Fewer lost trolleys
  • Improved relations with councils, centre management and local community
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Valuable performance measure on trolley collectors
  • Regular opportunities for positive publicity

Benefits of Trolley Tracker™

For Councils
  • Improvement in public safety as fewer trolleys are available for vandals to abuse
  • Reduction in demands on time of Council Officers, who are then available for more important tasks
  • Fewer trolleys dumped in bush and creeks spoiling the environment
  • Fewer complaints from ratepayers
  • Keeps streets clean and tidy