• Shannon P winner SA May 2019
    Shannon’s enthusiasm for reporting abandoned
    trolleys can only be matched by the excitement
    she exuded when she got the phone call from
    Trolley Tracker telling her about her win. “You’re
    kidding me! That’s so amazing!” she replied

Hilton, SA
Winner: Mary T

  • "Trolley Tracker™ provided a very professional and responsive service. I would have no hesitation contacting them again".

    Brett CVIC winner 20th May 2015
  • “The people who answer the phones are all just lovely and are always really nice to me”.

    Judith FNSW winner 20th May 2015
  • “Shopping trolleys are expensive pieces of equipment and hate to see them out loitering in the streets” & “I am so excited about my big win that I am telling everyone about it!””.

    JanineWA winner 21st May 2015
  • “(Reporting trolleys) It just became a habit when I’m out and about as I hate to see them littering out streets,”

    Judith GVIC winner August 2015
  • “(Reporting trolleys) , I find the trolley tracker website very easy to use and in most cases the trolleys are collected promptly. The more people we get reporting lost trolleys the quicker they will be back where they belong, at the supermarket!,”

    George IVIC winner February 2016