Trolley Tracker App - Troubleshoot

Over the past few months here at Trolley Tracker HQ, we’ve received some much-needed feedback on the Trolley Tracker App. Thankfully, some of our loyal trolley reporters took the time to explain some difficulties they had been having reporting trolleys via the app.

So, armed with that information we’ve compiled a simple checklist to ensure we get you back to reporting wayward trolleys, and entered into our monthly $1000 open order draw.

  • 1Ensure your phone has ‘Location Services’ turned ON.

    Instructions for:

    • Apple Devices (iPhone/iPad) click here. 

    • Android Devices (Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei etc) click here.

  • 2Ensure you have selected a RETAILER  for the trolleys being reported.

    Either Woolworths, Big W and Dan Murphy's.*

    *If the RETAILER you seek is not listed with us, please contact the closest store of that retailer for assistance.

  • 3 Ensure your report has a STREET NUMBER. The report cannot be submitted without one:

    • If the location doesn’t have a street number or you do not know it, use the ‘drag-n-drop’ map within the app and place the pin where the trolley is. The map will generate the closest full address nearest that location.

    • Next, use the ‘Cross street or landmark’ field to provide additional information to assist the collector in finding the trolley. For example:

    ‘The trolley is down the lane, next to 25 Smith Street’ OR

    ‘Trolley is next to BBQ area, by the cricket ground’

  • Once you have all these things sorted, your trolley report is ready to be submitted. If you’re registered with your contact details you’ll immediately be in the draw for a $1000 open order.

    So get reporting NOW and you could be $1000 better off!!!

    If you have any further queries regarding operation of the Trolley Tracker phone app or website please email: