For some local government authorities abandoned shopping trolleys can become a thorny issue from time to time. Abandoned trolleys don't just make residential streets and parkland untidy... the time taken to manage, tag and sometimes impound these trolleys can be a burden when there are many demands on Council resources. In this regard, Trolley Tracker™ can help.

Trolley Tracker™ is a professional information service that has been solely dedicated to recovering abandoned trolleys for over 20 years. With over 150 local governments across Australia reporting to Trolley Tracker™ we have the experience and systems in place to help council officers tackle the problem of abandoned shopping trolleys head-on!

Independent of the retailers we work with, Trolley Tracker™ has been able to build close working relationships with council staff, trolley contractors and store managers to better facilitate open communication between parties when trolley matters arise.

Trolley Tracker™ knows how costly chasing up abandoned trolleys can be; both in time and money. So we give the highest priority to all council reports received through the Trolley Tracker™ System. We’ve developed exclusive tools, promotional materials and procedures to ensure that your council reports are delivered to collectors and trolleys picked up as fast as possible.

We can also provide templates for educational materials to help change community attitudes and promote responsible use of shopping trolleys.

And here’s the icing on the cake. Trolley Tracker™ is a completely FREE service for Councils! So why not use us and save your Council time & money, as well as tackling the issue of wayward trolleys.

You can see all the benefits of Trolley Tracker™ below or contact one of our dedicated Project Managers to get you started... email us here.

Benefits of Trolley Tracker™ for Councils

How to make the most of limited Council resources.

  • 1Online security is important, especially to local government. This is why Trolley Tracker™ provides each council with its own unique login and password to Trolley Tracker’s™ Website and Smartphone apps. Every report placed when logged in will automatically recognise your council and provide the ability to apply tag/job numbers to individual reports. This ensures that every report you send to us has Trolley Tracker’s™ highest priority. When local residents call in about a wayward trolley, your Customer Service Staff can also report online with just one click; saving you time, money and valuable Council resources.
  • 2Trolley Tracker understands that keeping detailed records is important in local government. Trolley Tracker™ That's why each and every report placed with Trolley Tracker™ can be confirmed by email or a printable record with a unique reference number. In the event that a reported trolley has not been collected, simply contact Trolley Tracker™ on 1800 641 497 or email on, provide us with the reference number and our staff will follow-up with the collector, contractor and store manager to ensure it is picked up ASAP.
  • 3With the Trolley Tracker™ App for IOS and Android devices, Council rangers and officers can report trolleys right where they find them. No need to phone it in or write it down and do it later. They have a job to do and Trolley Tracker™ makes it easier for Council officers to get the information to us quickly. Each report can be confirmed by email for Council records. What could be easier?
  • 4Say you want to put out a quarterly newsletter to ratepayers mentioning Council’s ongoing efforts towards trolley management? Trolley Tracker™ can help with digital images and promotional materials on request at no cost! Simply Contact Trolley Tracker™ and our Project Manager will be in contact with you within two business days.
  • 5Our experienced Trolley Tracker ™Project Managers have a wealth of experience dealing with communication issues that can sometimes arise around abandoned shopping trolleys. We can assist in communication and mediation issues between interested parties to help achieve the best outcome for all concerned. Contact Trolley Tracker™ if you think we can help you.
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